New Apostolic Church

1140 Wien

“…With their new design, Veit Aschenbrenner reinterpret historical sacral architecture. Based on the classic Westwerk with bell tower, a diagonally cut block rises high from the facade on the front side. It also extends horizontally over the building, emphasizing the church hall with its 145 seats… The architects have made only a few incisions in the concrete structure. The low entrance area, the ribbon windows to the classrooms and administrative rooms, and the recessed window front of the parish hall were chosen by Veit Aschenbrenner in a decisive and restrained manner. Sacrality, a sculptural approach, and the symbolism of light – despite high claims of significance, this church is discreetly set in a Viennese housing development.”
Redaktion, Bedeutungsschwer in Leichtbeton, 12.03.2015

“… By pulling the compact structure above the altar area upwards, the citation of a tower is created, which makes the building decipherable as a church. Only from the inside we will recognize that thanks to the elevated part a grandiose daylight direction in the church space succeeds and the building, which appears so hermetic from the street side at a cursory glance, is characterized by a particularly clever choreography of the openings. Daylight literally flows along the ten-meter-high sloping end wall through the skylight into the room, forming an immaterial altarpiece…”
Franziska Leeb, Die Presse, 07. Februar 2015

“…As if cast in one piece: the floor is made of polished cement, thanks to insulating concrete it was possible to actually implement the building as if cast in one material, “concrete is actually poured stone” said the architects. “How the building looks on the outside is how it is on the inside.” Authentic through and through. Like the faith this community proudly carries to the outside world.
Many galleries, levels staggered from the foyer in the best Loosian room plan manner, creating different moods in addition to different room heights, sophisticated lighting and excellent acoustics characterize this modern sacred space”
Isabella Marboe, Architektur Aktuell, Januar Februar 2015.

The material concept is sustainable and timeless, it follows the demand for veracity; concrete as a stone of our time in combination with wooden elements as a renewable raw material.



“The great age of church building is over. And yet the sacred architecture of our days is as exciting as ever…As ascetic as the facade of the flat lightweight concrete building, as minimalist is its interior. Designed by the office of Veit Aschenbrenner, this house of worship is an eye-catcher without pretentiousness and focuses on ecological sustainability…”
Judith E. Innerhofer, DIE ZEIT, 27.12.2019




invited competition, 1st prize
completion june 2014

New Apostolic Curch Austria

Lautensackgasse 23, 1140 Vienna

Oliver Aschenbrenner,
Susanne Veit-Aschenbrenner,
Pawel Zabczynski

tendering, ÖBA: 
Bmst. Ing. Renate Scheidenberger GmbH

structural and test engeneer: 
Gmeiner Haferl ZTGmbH

room acoustics, sacred space: 
Quirin Consultans

building physics and room acoustics: 
Mag. Wolfgang Hebenstreit

Zmtobel Licht GmbH

building srevices ÖBA:
Adenbeck GmbH

electric planning and ÖBA:

construction works:
SteinerBau GesmbH

Tischlerei Füreder GmbH, Tischlerei Steinbacher

metal work:
Michael Trinko Metallhandwerk Wien

dry wall construction:
Veleta GesmbH & Co KG