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High School Ettenreichgasse

COMPETITION:EU-wide open competition, 2018
CLIENT:BIG, Bundes Immobiliengesellschaft
ADRESS:Ettenreichgasse 41-43, 1100 Vienna, A
TEAM:Tobias Schedel, Isa Kirchberger

We are of the opinion in a school of today great is done!
That's why we want to create in our school building projects a prudent living environment for children, young people and teachers, who usually spend a full working day in their school environment. Rooms such as libraries, dining rooms, exercise and event rooms, central and/or decentralised lockerrooms and the inclusion of open outdoor space are important additions to classrooms. We understand school as the coexistence of a multicultural society and as the coexistence of different strengths and mutual support. Adequate space for conventional teaching, working in groups, small-scale remedial teaching, but also for relaxation, rest and leisure are essential components of an appreciative education. Likewise need Teachers are provided with modern workplaces, high-quality retreat areas and rooms for internal and external communication.
When the school in Ettenreichgasse was redesigned, the basement became the new ground floor. Atriums create light-flooded common areas, the auditorium connects the event hall with the clustered all-day school area of the lower level. A new extension with dining hall, library and teachers' workrooms is oriented towards the public forecourt and transparently presents the school as a living space.

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