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Modifikation Basiliskenhaus

Modification Basiliskenhaus
Completion: 2005
Schönlaterngasse 7, 1010 Vienna
Structural Engineer: Bollinger Grohmann Schneider
SITE MANAGER: Elisabeth Plank

In the year 1212 first mentioned, the Basiliskenhaus in the centre of Vienna is being affected by a narrow and long streched courtyard. The architectural challenge was to integrate a handycapped accessible lift inside of the house, to conserve the court, which is listed and typical for Vienna.
With complex inquiries, a reserve of space was found nearby the narrow and highly deformed staircase: a single-room-flat, which was used only as storeroom. Therefore a continuous plumb line through the lisetd house was possible. Accessory it allows lighting the interior staircase.
The different forms of the arches in every storey are interpreted with variable stainless steel reliefs in the wall of the lift.
In the attic-storey a horizontal glas-roof over the staircase continues clearness of display of the different phases of modification.
For the attic-crossing of the lift it was necessary to rebuild some parts of an existing roof-garden and of the roof. Thereby it was possible to build a new roof-garden with sun deck. "Invisibility" in the aerial view and from the courtyard was override for the architects, not encroaching upon old town structure.

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